Mrs. Deanna Reid was licensed and Mr. Sherrill Watkins had his Lay Reader's license     renewed.

On December 27, 2015, Sr. Warden Sherill Watkins was presented with a certificate of appreciation by Rector, The Rt. Rev. Rick Reid for his outstanding work as Senior Warden and Treasurer, and for his  dedication and superior attendance at St. Andrew's Anglican Church 

St. Andrew's Anglican Church received an episcopal visit on Sunday, September 11, from the Most Reverend Dr. Dwight D. Irons.Bishop Irons and his wife Suzanne.Archbishop Irons preached the sermon and also played the organ for the congregation. After the service, Archbishop Irons and  Suzanne joined the congregation and the Rector, Bishop Aaron Reid for a parish dinner. Archbishop Irons is the Diocesan Bishop of the Southeast/  Southwest. For more information about St.  Andrew's Anglican Church please call the Rector, The Rt. Rev Dr. Rick Reid at 828-291-5631 or visit the St. Andrew's website: 

Diocese of the Southeast/Southwest News

A Message from the Presiding Bishop, Dwight D. Irons:




  • Faith of Our Fathers2:42
  • Blessed Assurance3:08

The Diocese of the Southeast/Southwest has a new Cathedral Church. Saint Mary's Anglican Church at Hill, located in Las Cruces, New Mexico was recently chosen as the new Cathedral Church at the  Traditional      

Anglican Church of America's Synod held at the Church.